“BELIEFS, VALUES, AND OPINIONS of Catholic women and men about sexual and reproductive rights, the secular State, Catholic identities, and human rights and expectations of change in the Church.”

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About the







® 2014 National Catholic Opinion Survey
2014 National Catholic Opinion Survey(CDD)

General Coordinator: Evelyn Aldaz, CDD Head Researcher
Survey Design: Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir, Susana Lerner, PhD (COLMEX), and Investigación en Salud y Demografía (INSAD)
Survey conducted by:
Investigación en Salud y Demografía (INSAD)
We are grateful to COLMEX researcher Susana Lerner for her valuable contributions
Digital Publication Coordinators:
Evelyn Aldaz and Sandra Fosado, CDD’s
Communications Coordinator
Digital Publication Design: Héctor Guerrero
Assistant: Fernando Soto



Catalina Nava (Home), Carlos Hernández/Globe Studio (Methodology), Saray Perales (Results), Carlos Hernández/Globe Studio (Past Surveys), David Moreno (Catholic Identities), Rotmi Enciso (The Secular State), Miguel Ángel Aguilar (Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Rights), Minerva Santamaría (Reproductive Rights and the State), Evelyn Aldaz (Women’s Rights and Abortion), Minerva Santamaría (Gay and Lesbian Rights), Catalina Nava (Expectations of Change in the Church)